Structure Fire: 475 28 1/ Rd. Omni Hospital Services

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625 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Phone: 970-549-5858 FAX: 970-549-5810

News Release

Structure Fire

For Immediate Release

Contact: Shawn Montgomery (PIO) 970-260-3708

Date: 12/25/2014

Address: 475 28 1/2 Rd. Grand Junction, Co

Alarm Type: Structure Fire

Time Dispatched: 20:24

Time on Scene: 20:34

The Grand Junction Fire Department’s Truck 1 unit responded to a reported fire alarm at 475 28 1/2 Rd. Truck 1 reported the presence of smoke throughout the building and noted the activation of the buildings fire sprinkler system. Truck 1 Captain radioed dispatch for a full structure response while making entry into the building. Fire crews were able to locate the source of the fire and make a full extinguishment. The buildings fire sprinkler system controlled the spread of the fire and caused a large amount of heavy steam and smoke throughout the building. Fire crews horizontally ventilated the structure by strategically opening and closing certain doors throughout the structure allowing the wind to clear the building. Fire investigators on scene are looking at a laundry bin in the structure as the apparent origin of the fire but have yet to release anything official. Fire crews are staying on scene to assist in the clean-up to help the business get back in service as it runs 24 hours day/ 7 days a week. All fire investigation questions will be referred to the Fire Marshall’s Office (970) 549-5800.

Safety Note: “Because fire sprinkler systems react so quickly, they can dramatically reduce the heat, flames, and smoke produced in a fire. Automatic sprinklers are highly effective and reliable elements of total system designs for fire protection in buildings.” (