Structure Fire: 2903 North Ct. Grand Junction, Colorado

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625 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Phone: 970-549-5858 FAX: 970-549-5810

Press Release

Structure Fire: 2903 North Ct. Grand Junction, Colorado

For Immediate Release

Contact: Capt. Matt Carson (Green Shift PIO) 970-549-5905

Today’s Date: 08/16/2015

Address: 2903 North Ct. GJ, CO.

Call Time: 1238 hrs

On Scene: 1245 hrs

 The Grand Junction Fire Department responded to a reported residential structure fire. The first unit on scene (Engine 2) reported smoke coming from the residence upon arrival. Engine 2 found a working attic fire and attacked the fire with one 1 3/4″ hose-line from the garage. Truck 3 advanced a second 1 3/4″ hose-line and attacked the attic fire from the kitchen. Fire crews were able to make a quick knockdown of the blaze eliminating the spread of the fire. The attic sustained extensive fire damage and the interior of the residence sustained smoke, water, and heat damage.

Occupants at the address stated that the smoke detectors activated enabling them to evacuate immediately. There were no injuries to the public or emergency personnel on this incident. The fire is currently under investigation and questions regarding the investigation will be directed to the Grand Junction Fire Marshal’s Office @ 970-549-5800.

It is important to note that working smoke detectors and a practiced evacuation plan saves lives. Smoke detectors should be tested on a monthly basis and batteries should be replaced twice a year. A good time to change your smoke detector batteries is during daylight savings clock time switches.