More Opportunities to Learn Hands-Only CPR With GJFD


This week the Grand Junction Fire Department is expanding offerings for free hands-only CPR courses in Mesa County. Spokesperson Ellis Thompson-Ellis said, “We have a free community event this Friday at 6:00 PM at the Clifton Fire Station. The class is about 30 minutes and anyone can register at”

 As part of the program’s expansion, the GJFD will also be teaching courses this week at a Rotary Club and local high schools including Grand Junction High School and R-5. Thompson-Ellis said, “Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to people of any age; children and young adults are no exception. We want to give everyone in our community the tools they need to help save a life.” 

If you ever have to give CPR, the chances of it being a loved one are high. Of the 350,000 cardiac arrests that happen out of a hospital each year, about 70% of those occur at the home. Hands-only CPR courses with the Grand Junction Fire Department give you the skills and confidence you need to effectively respond to cardiac emergencies. With regards to the class Thompson-Ellis said, “While the topic of life or death decisions is very serious, our classes are a lot of fun and very interactive. We teach using disco music, hands-on practice, and humor to get our point across.”

The Grand Junction Fire Department also offers to bring this class to local businesses, clubs, and other organizations. To schedule a class for your organization call (970)549-5858 or for more information on the program visit