Learn Before You Burn: Grand Junction Fire Department Now Issuing Open Burning Permits


As of today, the Grand Junction Fire Department will begin selling burn permits for the Spring burn season. The burn permits are valid for open burning between March 1st and April 30th,2017.  With the new Burn Ordinance passed by City Council, this open burning season and associated burn permits will differ from previous burn seasons.

Measures of the new ordinance and burn permits issued by GJFD apply only to properties in the City of Grand Junction. Grand Junction Rural Fire Protection District, outlying rural areas, and other parts of Mesa County will receive their burn permits and guidelines through the Mesa County Health Department permit system.

Changes to the City Burn Ordinance and burn permits issued by GJFD:

-Open burn permits will be issued to persons in the city limits with properties equal to or greater than one acre in size.

-Persons with properties smaller than one acre may only apply for permits to conduct open burning for the purpose of maintaining connected irrigation ditches or laterals.

-Open burning that does not meet the above criteria is prohibited.

-Once a property owner receives a permit, open burning must take place at least 50 feet from property lines, structures, fences, dwellings, or places where people gather.

Reminders about burn permits issued by GJFD:

-Should a fire ban or red flag warning be issued, all burning is prohibited, even with issued permits.

-Materials used for open burning may not be larger than one inch in diameter.

-Materials that may not be burned include treated, stained, or painted wood, household waste, rubber, tires, insulated wire, batteries, cars, asbestos containing materials, tar-containing materials, and railroad ties.

To learn how to determine if you qualify for a permit visit https://youtu.be/kfPYWhhoIYk.

To read the newly adopted Burn Ordinance see http://trimview.gjcity.org/?=ord/9510.

For residents with questions, feel free to call us at (970)549-5800.