GJFD Responds to Brush Fire During Burn Ban


The Grand Junction Fire Department responded to a brush fire threatening a structure at 17:35 yesterday in the 2600 block of G Rd. Fortunately no one was injured and no property was damaged. It is unknown how the fire started.

Three firefighting vehicles, including Brush Engine 4, and a Battalion Chief responded to the fire. Upon arriving on scene responders saw a large tree and surrounding brush engulfed in 10-12 foot flames. Proximity to a home, heavy underbrush, and erratic winds made this fire very concerning but crews were able to work together efficiently and quickly contain the blaze.

Yesterday, due to a high fire danger, the Mesa County Health Department issued a burn ban, prohibiting all controlled burning. During persisting dry and windy conditions, GJFD advises citizens to take precautions to protect our community. Activities like discarding cigarette butts, working with sparking machinery, or improperly securing trailer chains pose a major risk for starting brush fires. The ability of fire to spread quickly and unpredictably in these conditions should not be underestimated.

If you have questions or concerns about burn restrictions or burn permits call the Grand Junction Fire Department at (970)549-5800.