Investigation Results From the 28 Road Fire


The Grand Junction Fire Department Fire Marshal has completed the investigation of the brush fire on Monday June 12th on 28 Rd. The fire occurred during a red flag warning and initiated a massive response from local agencies. Ultimately the fire displaced eight people after completely destroying one home, two outbuildings, an R.V., and burning approximately 5 acres of weeds and brush. What follows is a summary of the investigation report.

On scene one witness said she saw a fast-moving fire spreading North and East from 28 Road in the area of Roice-Hurst Humane Society. The witness stated that she did not see anyone else in the area as she retreated North on 28 Rd. Upon investigation it was determined that the fire had one point of origin near the roadway close to the Roice-Hurst perimeter fence. No lightning was reported that day, and no obvious source of ignition was found. It was determined that the fire was accidental, and may have been caused by discarded smoking materials. After the fire started, is was quickly fueled by wind gusts of 50-70 miles per hour causing it to spread rapidly through the brush and nearby structures.

For an official record of the investigation please contact the Grand Junction Fire Department Administration at (970)549-5800 and complete a Colorado Open Records Request for GJFD Case Number #206955.