Illegal Burn Spreads and Threatens Homes



At 19:33 tonight a call came in for a brush fire spreading rapidly in the 1900 Block of Broadway. The Grand Junction Fire Department and Lower Valley Fire Department responded with Engine 5, Truck 3, Water Tender 3, a Batallion Chief, Brush 32, and Water Tender 3 respectively.

This fire was caused by illegal burning resulting in a citation for the responsible individual. The responsible individual was reported to have been burning weeds when the fire spread aggressively to heavy brush and a nearby draw, coming within 150 feet of a home with potential to spread to two more homes.

Crews worked quickly to extinguish the blaze and keep it from nearby homes. Access to the fire and lack of wind greatly aided in the positive outcome of this incident; no people were harmed, and no property was damaged.

The Grand Junction Fire Department would like to remind the community that the irresponsible actions of one person can threaten an entire neighborhood in a matter of seconds. Show care and consideration in your actions by following stage 1 fire restriction guidelines. For more information on this incident contact the Community Outreach Office at