GJFD Responds to Residential Structure Fire on Vista Mar Dr.



At 06:06 this morning the Grand Junction Fire Department responded to a residential structure fire on the 2800 block of Vista Mar Drive.  The home owner was awakened by the sound of a loud bang coming from the attached garage.  Additional loud noises and the sound of smoke detectors prompted the home owner and his wife to evacuate the structure without injury. The first GJFD apparatus on scene indicated that the garage was fully involved and spreading to the rest of the house.  GJFD set up a defensive operation protecting nearby homes and prevented the fire from spreading further. The home is considered a total loss. The American Red Cross responded to offer assistance to the two adults displaced by the fire.

GJFD responded with Truck 3, Engine 1, 2, 4, Ambulance 1, Medic 1, Battalion 1, EMS Chief Sheldon Kier.

The Grand Junction Fire Department would like to remind the public to follow the “R.A.C.E.” acronym if there is a fire or suspected fire:

Immediately stop what you are doing and remove anyone in immediate danger from the fire to a safe area. Get out as safely and quickly as possible. The less time you and others are exposed to poisonous gases, heat, or flames, the safer everyone will be.

Activate the nearest fire alarm pull stations (if applicable). Call 911 to report the location and current extent of the fire.

Close all doors and windows that you can safety reach to contain the fire.
During evacuation close the doors behind you.

Only attempt to extinguish the fire if it is small and not spreading rapidly, if you have the proper working extinguisher, and if the fire will block not your exit if you are unable to control it. Retrieve the nearest fire extinguisher and follow the “P.A.S.S.” procedure:
P = Pull the pin breaking the plastic seal;
A = Aim at the base of the fire;
S = Squeeze the handles together; and
S = Sweep from side to side.

If you are not confidant in your ability to operate your fire extinguisher, please evacuate without delay. For more information on this incident contact the Community Outreach Office at GJFirePIO@gjcity.org.