Cooking Fire Damages Trailer


At 07:11 Grand Junction Fire Department Responded to a report of smoke and flames inside a trailer home on the 2900 block of Texas Ave. The first unit on scene reported that the fire was almost completely extinguished, and limited to the kitchen of the home. The fire began on a stove left unattended. There were no injuries; the resident is temporarily displaced from the home due to damage from the fire.

Three GJFD engines and one truck responded to the scene along with an ambulance, a medical officer, and a Battalion Chief. Engine 1, and Engine 2 remained on scene with the Battalion Chief after the fire had been extinguished to ventilate smoke from the structure.

This is the second fire in a trailer home and the second cooking related fire GJFD has responded to this month. Never leave cooking unattended, even for a short amount of time. Salt and baking soda are commonly recommended for smothering cooking fires. Unfortunately, the average kitchen contains many flammable materials that can easily be mistaken for salt or baking soda. Attempting to smother flames with inappropriate materials can spread the flames by literally adding more fuel to the fire. GJFD recommends placing a non-glass lid or baking sheet over the flames for stovetop fires. A fire inside your oven can be extinguished by turning off the appliance and leaving the oven door shut.  Opening oven doors will introduce fresh oxygen to the fire allowing it to grow. Only use a working fire extinguisher that you know to be rated for kitchen fires. Cooking fires are frequently a result of flammable cooking oils and/or animal fats that can spread when a fire extinguisher not rated for cooking fires is used. Never use water to extinguish a cooking fire. GJFD provides free fire extinguisher classes. Follow GJFD on Facebook for class information and scheduled class times.

Make sure you have working smoke detectors on every level of your home, and practice a fire evacuation drill with your family. For more information on this event, contact the Community Outreach Office at, or by phone at (970)549-5858.