Requests for GJFD patches and t-shirts


The Grand Junction Fire Department is grateful for the support we receive from our community and acknowledge the desire for many to obtain a small piece of our department to demonstrate their civic pride or appreciation of first responders everywhere. In the past several months GJFD has received numerous requests for patches, t-shirts, or memorabilia from individuals battling an illness, representing civic organizations, or fire department boosters collecting items from all over the country.

GJFD takes the responsibility to our community and the public we serve very seriously, and we are unable to distribute clothing or patches to individuals making this request. Our patch and the clothing it appears on are not just shirts to us, they are our uniform and a symbol of our department. Our on-line staff and administrative personnel wear our patch with pride and understand that they represent our department and our city while wearing their uniform.  They accept the burden of that responsibility and give of themselves one hundred percent while in uniform. Our uniform is a representation of the journey everyone in our department has made and their commitment to public safety.

Currently, in an effort to remain fiscally responsible, we only produce clothing for our staff and have no plans to provide an alternative for private citizens. We understand that requests for patches or t-shirts comes from a place of appreciation; not just for our department but for everyone dedicating themselves to serving others. We thank you for your support and hope that you understand why we must decline requests of this nature.

For questions or more information, please contact the Community Outreach Office at, or by phone at (970)549-5858.