Open Burning Starts Tomorrow: Permits are Required

Spring open burn season for the City of Grand Junction begins on March 1st and runs through April 30th; the County open burn season begins March 1st and runs through May 31st. Open burn permits are required and available through Grand Junction Fire Department Administration (970-549-5800) if the property is in the City limits, or Mesa County Public Health (970-248-6900) if the property is outside the City limits.

For properties within the City, the following regulations apply:

Properties must be at least one acre in size to open burn with a permit.

Properties smaller than one acre may obtain a permit to burn to maintain irrigation ditches and laterals only.

Burning is not allowed on red flag days, burn ban days, or days with sustained winds.

Fires must be attended at all times by a competent adult with an adequate extinguishing source to put out the fire immediately if needed.

When conducting a burn, you must be 50 feet from any structure (including combustible fences), occupied dwelling, workplace, or any other place people congregate.

Only materials under one inch in diameter may be burned.

Burning leaves exceeding three cubic feet in volume is not allowed.

Field burning is limited to 10 acres or less per day.

Pile size is limited to 250 cubic feet per day.

Annual permits, valid for both Spring and Fall seasons are $25.

Permit holders are responsible for reading and fully understanding the content and regulations of their permit. Read the entire permit before burning. For more information on open burning call the Grand Junction Fire Department Administration at (970)549-5800.