Fire at Main Street Business

At 9:45 AM the Grand Junction Fire Department responded to multiple calls from surrounding businesses and apartments reporting smoke in their building and an alarm alert for a fire in the 300 block of Main Street. When crews arrived on scene they found that everyone had safely evacuated the businesses and residences;  the heavy smoke was coming from a small fire in the kitchen of a business. Crews were able to quickly extinguish the fire and ventilate the building. Due to early notification of the fire through citizens quickly calling 9-1-1, and a functioning alarm system, crews were able to stop the spread of the fire to five adjacent businesses and six residential units in the historic building. The other five businesses were able to resume normal operations and the six residential units were unaffected. The origin and cause of the fire are currently under investigation.

Grand Junction Fire Department responded to the incident with Truck 1, Engine 2, Truck 3, Engine 4, Engine 5, Ambulance 2, a Battalion Chief, and an Administrative Chief.  Officers from the Grand Junction Police Department closed down Main Street between 3rd Street and 4th street for approximately an hour while crews worked to ensure the building was safe.

For more information on this incident contact the Community Outreach Office at (970)549-5858 or by e-mail at