EMS Week: GJFD Hiring, Investing in Paramedics


Grand Junction Fire Department needs paramedics. Currently the department is hiring three paramedic positions, and recently celebrated the graduation and promotion of two GJFD firefighters that the department sponsored through paramedic school to meet the needs of the department and the community.  

To become a paramedic, a person must already hold a valid EMT certification. Once the individual has gained the necessary experience in emergency medicine as an EMT they can strive for the next level of training as a paramedic.  Paramedic school  is year of rigorous schooling and field experience to be able to perform advanced emergency medicine.  

Paramedics and firefighter/paramedics at GJFD hold the highest medical training in the department. On the most serious of calls, they are responsible for stabilizing critical trauma patients, intubating patients when they are not breathing, and giving medications to victims of cardiac arrest or trauma.  

Paramedics are in high demand and with the challenges to recruit them the department sponsors hard-working employees through their paramedic certification. This week, GJFD recognized the promotion of two firefighters that recently completed paramedic school, Colby Dixon and Ben StonekingUnder an agreement, current GJFD employees can apply to have their schooling paid for by the department to help meet the need for paramedics.  

With over 80% of the calls at GJFD being EMS related calls, and the department building three new stations in the coming years, the need for EMTs and paramedics at GJFD is expected to increase. Deputy Chief Chris Angermuller said, “If you are looking for a career that makes a difference, at a place that will invest in you, it’s a great time to start exploring a career in EMS as an option. Nationally there are lots of opportunities to care for your community.”

For more information contact the Community Outreach Office at (970)549-5858 or by e-mail at GJFirePIO@gjcity.org.