Structure Fire on North Avenue


At 19:34 the Grand Junction Fire Department responded to a commercial structure fire at Xain Wei located at 1530 North Avenue. The fire was reported by employees of a nearby business.  The fire was limited to a glass enclosure surrounding an entrance on the northwest corner of the business. The fire was quickly extinguished. Crews checked the business for signs of fire and found the building unoccupied; there were no injuries.  Cause of the fire is under investigation, and total cost of damages is unknown.

Grand Junction Fire Department would like to remind the public that high winds and dry conditions exist in Mesa County allowing fire to spread rapidly.


GJFD Responds to Structure Fire on Bonito Ave


At 12:57 the Grand Junction Fire Department responded to a structure fire on the 1200 block of Bonito Avenue. The fire was caused by a neighbor using a grinder on a metal car part. Sparks from the grinder ignited vegetation which spread to a wooden fence then to the structure. The home was unoccupied at the time of the fire, there were no injuries.  Total cost of damages is unknown.

Grand Junction Fire Department would like to remind the public that high winds and dry conditions exist in Mesa County allowing fire to spread rapidly. Use caution when using tools that produce flame, sparks, or high temperatures.


Dry Windy Conditions Cause Brush Fire Calls to Soar

Today, a hazardous weather advisory warns of increasing winds and dry conditions that could cause fires to spread quickly. If you’ve bought a permit and are planning a controlled burn, or if you’re outside working with machinery that could cause sparks, be aware of the conditions, and always be ready to extinguish a fire.

The Grand Junction Fire Department recommends conducting your controlled burn in the early mornings when winds are calm. Spokesperson Ellis Thompson-Ellis said, “We generally see winds increasing in the early afternoon and evening here that can spread fire very quickly.” Residents can check for the latest up-to-date information on fire danger, including red flag warnings which prohibit burning of any kind.

Due to these persisting conditions in the Grand Valley, brush fire calls are up from last year. For the month of March, the Grand Junction Fire Department is on-pace to see nearly three times as many brush fires as last year. Yesterday, between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Mesa County saw 15 brush fires, with up to six occurring simultaneously. Those 15 fires involved 11 different fire agencies, with 71 fire vehicles responding. Thompson-Ellis said, “The whole valley is very busy right now. We need people to exercise extreme caution, especially when conducting controlled burns. Have experienced people assist you and be ready to put out a fire in case it gets out of control.”

At one of the fires yesterday, two homes were in immediate danger and had to be evacuated. Fortunately, no one was harmed and no structures were damaged. With these conditions residents can increase the safety of their homes by clearing away underbrush, shrubbery, and trees that grow directly next to their homes. In the event of a fire, having a clear perimeter around your home allows the fire department to better protect your property.

Controlled burning with a permit is allowed through April 30th. Permitted burning must be 50 feet from property lines, and only contain materials less than one inch in diameter. Residents in the City of Grand Junction can call (970)549-5800 for burn permit information. All residents outside the City of Grand Junction can contact the Mesa County Health Department for burn permit information at (970)248-6900.


GJFD Responds to Patient After Fall at Bangs Canyon


At 15:20 the GJFD was dispatched to the area of Rough Canyon Falls in the Bangs Canyon Recreation Area for a hiker injured in a fall.  GJFD partnered with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and the Mesa County Search and Rescue Ground Team to locate the patient.  After a low angle rope rescue the patient was transported by CareFlight to St. Mary’s Hospital with life threatening injuries.  Grand Junction Fire Department responded with a fire engine, rescue truck, and ambulance.

Grand Junction Fire Department would like to remind the public to always use caution while hiking steep terrain, travel in groups, and tell someone where you are going and when you will return.

New Job Opportunity- Medical Services Chief/Manager

The City of Grand Junction is actively recruiting a dynamic, innovative and visionary Medical Services Chief/Manager.  The application period will be open until August 12, 2016.Please follow the below link for a copy of the job description.

Medical Services Chief_Manager.

City application are available online at – jobs



Press Release- Structure Fire 1475 Blair Rd, Whitewater

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625 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Phone: 970-549-5858 FAX: 970-549-5810

Press Release

Structure Fire: 1475 Blair Rd, Whitewater, CO.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sean Hazelhurst, PIO

Today’s Date: 7/25/2016

Address: 1475 Blair Rd, Whitewater, CO

Call Time: 1628 hrs.

On Scene: 1654 hrs.

The Lands End Fire Protection District and the Grand Junction Fire Department were dispatched to a commercial structure fire for reports of a metal building on fire at the listed location. The first GJFD unit on-scene received reports from a party on-scene that there was a large amount of black powder material manufactured and stored in the structures, but the party had removed a significant amount with a forklift prior to fire department units arrival. The first unit on-scene reported a structure that was fully involved and fire moving into a nearby metal storage container. Command on-scene determined that fire operations would be defensive due to no immediate life threats and the unknown amount and state of the black powder materials near the fire. After further investigation it was determined the best tactics would be to create a wider perimeter and allow the materials to burn out on their own. Command utilized the reverse 911 system to contact residents within 3/4 of a mile that evacuation was recommended, this effected approximately 6 residential properties. Mesa County Sheriffs Department Wildland units and the Grand Junction Police Department Bomb Squad were dispatched to assist. Lands End Fire Protection District units remained on scene to monitor the fire. Blair Road was closed to all traffic during the incident.

One individual was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in serious condition with burn injuries from this incident.

The fire is currently under investigation to determine an exact cause.

Safety Note: Given current weather conditions the possibility of brush fires are a concern. A small ember from a larger fire could catch the surrounding fine dry fuels on fire and create a larger incident.

 All questions regarding this incident will be directed to the Grand Junction Fire Marshall’s Office @ 970-549-5800.